Tip hide your hook in a pack of gum so if you get searched they prob won’t find it!


Really bothers me how careless some people are in this community ;-; please. Darlings, do your research. Know everything about the stores your lifting at. Make sure every. Single. Tag. Is. Off. Be careful. Be confident. Don’t get cocky.
If you don’t know about the consequences of your actions, look them up.
One mistake can fuck up your life.
Don’t get clumsy.

Definitely don’t get clumsy! You may think you don’t need to take precautions the more you do it/the better you get at it, but please do! Don’t get cocky with your skills; pretend that it’s your first time and you have to be careful.

Polaroid 300- $59.99 
Polaroid 300 film- $19.94 (x2)
Bike lights- $19.96
Total: $119.83

Office Depot:
Staedtler fine liner pack- $21.99
Total: $21.99

Sushi- $9.99
Total: $9.99

Barnes & Noble:
Donutino plushie- $19.95
AA batteries- $10.99
Tokidoki frienzies- $4.95 (x3)
Total: $45.79

Hobby Lobby:
Prismacolor pencils- $1.98 (x10)
Watercolor pad- $3.69
Prismacolor sharpener- $7.99
Copic inking pen set- $19.99
Paint marker- $3.99
Total: $55.46

Prismacolors 48 pack- $89.99
Copic markers- $7.99 (x23)
Brush- $29.99
Brush- $16.49
Watercolors- $47.99
Copic sketch marker set- $54.98
Palette- $4.99
Total: $428.20

World market:
Shower curtain- $29.99
Window panel- $19.99
Pajama shorts- $14.99
Total: $64.97

Grand total: $746.23